Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday

Multisport school, the best sports school for the young children ! It takes place each Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday and is organized for children between 3 and 6 years old.

Multisport school is organized with door-to-door transportation.

Multisport school takes place each week, from October to June, except during school holidays and proposes different sessions :

  • Wednesday morning
  • Saturday morning
  • Sunday morning
  • Wednesday afternoon
  • Saturday afternoon
  • Sunday afternoon
  • Wednesday day session
  • Saturday day session
  • Sunday day session

Multisport lessons for a valuable physical and psychological child development. Multisports school, the best sports school for the 3 to 6 year-old children !

Multisport lessons : 4 sports taught

Multisport lessons are given by our qualified coaches in small groups of 4 to 6 children maximum.

The way of teaching follow the fundamentals of the Sartoris method, first sports instruction pedagogy dedicated to children. Get to know more about the Sartoris method & philosophy here !

During the lesson, children will benefit from a 4-sport lesson :

  • TENNIS › individual sport
  • FOOTBALL › team sport
  • GOLF › un sport for concentration
  • GYM › un sport for motor skills

Fully adapted to young children, this multisport lesson is divided up into different sports and different session of 20 minutes to maximize the level of concentration of the children during the lesson.


multisport lessons for children in paris
multisport lessons for children in paris

Multisport coaches

Energy Kids Academy guarantees a high level of multisport instruction given by our coaches :

• Highly-qualified
• Respectful with children

Multisport courts adapted to children

Our 30-year experience gave us a fundamental principle in young children pedagogy applied to the sports material and facilities :

›  Adapt sport to children and not children to sport.

Our club has sports facilities totally adapted to young children with mini tennis courts, mini soccer fields, mini golf area and a mini gym room.

After multisport, leisure sports

Our sports instruction method is based on learning through play and multisport program.

Then, after multisport lessons, children can enjoy different other sports activities :


• basketball
• tennis table
• gym
• bouncy castles
• elasto trampoline
• mini zip line

These leisure sports especially appeal to children and enable them to enjoy lots of different sports and activities after a demanding instruction in multisport.

Have a look at the schedule of a multipsort school session at the club !