The team

The team of teachers is made up of qualified adults scrupulously picked out for their sense of responsibility, teaching skills and motivation : all complying with the educational sports program of Energy Kids Academy.

They all have been permanent coaches for many years and have experience in dealing with children.

Thanks to sports diplomas and to an active and innovative training policy, Energy Kids Academy constantly broadens the team’s skills in different fields linked to childhood.

Our coaches aim at :

  • Ensuring children’s security, our coaches have compulsorily followed the "Prévention et Secours Civiques niveau 1" training (First aid certificate) and follow the security instructions developed by the Sartoris Method.
  • Ensuring children’s psychologic comfort, they take part in theoric training as regards human science, education and sports teaching science specifically to children (psychology, pedagogy, comunications…).
  • Teaching differently : our coaches follow the Sartoris Method, first pedagogy for sports instruction dedicated to children.

Meet our sports coaches !

sport coach children lionel
sport coach children andry
since 1983
CEO & founder
since 1996
sport coach children daniel
sport coach children alan
since 1994
Sports coach
since 2000
Sports coach
sport coach children fredo
sport coach children frederic
since 2012
Sports coach
since 2013
Sports coach
sport coach children albert
sport coach children tom
since 2013
Sports coach
since 2014
Sports coach

And the masterminds !

coach sport childfren sandy
coach sport childfren anne
since 2011
• Developer
• Digital engineering
since 1989
• Digital strategy