Our sports in your school

Partner of Montessori schools and international schools, Energy Kids Academy already teaches sports in many schools in Paris.

Specialized since 1983 in sports instruction for children, Energy Kids Academy guarantees a top-quality instruction following the Sartoris Method armed with a 30-year experience and research in sports instruction pedagogy for kids from 3 years old.

Our sports coaches come to your school with all the equiment needed to the sports instruction for children from « maternelle » classes to « CM2 » class (from 3 to 11 years old).

Our sports services

Each week, or for a special event, Energy Kids Academy comes to your school and put at your disposal its team of sports coaches for different sports services :

  • Sports instruction :
    Energy Kids Academy can teach sports for all the different classes of your school following the official sports program and the fundamentals of the Sartoris Method. Please find below all our school partners in which our coaches already teach sports.
  • Sports events :
    Energy Kids Academy proposes sports events in your school for the start or the end of the school year, Christmas, Easter, or every other event to organize in your school.
  • Sports activities :
    Energy Kids Academy can organize sports activities during study period or nursery at the end of the day in classrooms, gymnasiums or schoolyard.
  • Sports vacations :
    Energy Kids Academy can organize sports camps for children on school holidays in its big club.
  • Door-to-door transportation :
    Energy Kids Academy holds the certificate of professional capacity of public transport of people and can ensure children transport with its 12 minivans.

Our pedagogy

The instruction applied to our service « sports at school » follow the fundamentals of the Sartoris Method, first sports instruction pedagogy dedicated to children.

Following to many years of research, a complete program has been developed to promote and to improve the sports instruction for young children from 3 years old.

In brief, the fundamentals of our pedagogy :

  • Objectives :
    – Promote the needs of a child to play sports
    – Develop their physical skills
    – Share the main sports values
  • Program :
    – 10 sports skills taught during the year
  • Material :
    – an innovative material and adapted to the specific needs of young children
  • Lessons content :
    – Our sports instruction method is based on learning through play and multisport program
    – Lessons are divided up into tennis, golf, soccer and gym exercises that we created and follow the program we developed

Our school partners

  • ecole montessori paris
    23 avenue George V
    75008 Paris
  • ecole canadienne paris
    5 rue d'Aguesseau
    75008 Paris
  • ecole isp paris
    6 rue Beethoven
    75016 Paris
  • ecole wischool paris
    2 rue Thimonnier
    75009 Paris
  • ecole montessori cool paris
    5 rue Emile Allez
    75017 Paris

And what about you ?

We are at your disposal to organize a sports instruction program or sports events at your school. Feel free to contact us for more information !